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How We Got Started

Art Balea Azul, A.C. was established in 2013.

For more than seventeen years, Fernando Flores and Vanessa Landero have been working within the world of the arts and culture, recognizing that the service to the community and the climate change issues are very important. They decided to fund a non-profit in order to create art and cultural programs that also involved climate change issues, so ART BALEA AZUL was established.

Keeping in mind, the Hangzhou Declaration in 2013 made by UNESCO; “We reaffirm that culture should be considered to be a fundamental enabler of sustainability, being a source of meaning and energy, a wellspring of creativity and innovation, and a resource to address challenges and find appropriate solutions. The extraordinary power of culture to foster and enable truly sustainable development is especially evident when a people-centred and place-based approach is integrated into development programmes and peace-building initiatives.”


Our Mission

Strengthen a culture of respect, human and environmental transformation to improve the quality of life of the community by the arts.

Create, support and disseminate by cultural and environmental programs, a responsible and harmonious culture between human being and the planet.


Contribute to an integral development of the community in the search for harmony between human being and the planet by a honest cultural and environmental programs.

Core Values.

∴ Harmony.

We understand that if we live in harmony, the daily activities of the community it develops positively; It is possible to understand the respect, the responsibility that we have with ourselves, with others as well as with the environment. A better quality of life is being achieved step by step.



We seek quality in the study and analysis of the projects that we develop, as well as in the artistic development, into inclusion and no discrimination by any issue, to respond to the needs of the community.



It is a fundamental element of this association; we believe that participation on cultural activities can help into a change on communities by own behalf.


We have a commitment to the highest standards of integrity. We act with honest and ethical manner into our all areas of the association, including personal and transparent institution behavior.


4 elements + human being.

The climate change.

ART BALEA AZUL  had developed a program named four elements + Human being. The climate change.

A call for awareness-raising on how human activity cause climate change. Also, look for the prevailing need to change our consumption ways to take care of the environment. To talking about climate change we will use the four classic elements: EARTH, FIRE, AIR, WATER + HUMAN BEING.

This project includes a collection of paintings, drawings and stories; all of them linked under the central axis of climate change. It has a direct and objective social dynamic, consisting of giving workshops to different groups.

At the ART BALEA AZUL workshop we show an original drawing or a painting, talk about the picture, how it was made, and what it represents, then they make their own individually drawing or picture using the same subject than the original one.

To achieve a better working environment, world music are used.

The design of this project is meticulously careful, into the artwork, literature and music. In addition we make a call to stop the worst scenario of climate change.

© Art Balea Azul 2013


About Us

ART BALEA AZUL  is a non-profit, established in 2013 by the architects Fernando Flores and  Vanessa Landero.

The architects have more than seventeen years in the world of  arts and cultural management.

Fernando Flores is an architect from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) in the architecture faculty. He has been interested in the world of arts, culture and the environment since his childhood and he is convinced that reading is a necessary tool for every human being.

He has a record for more than 17 years. He has been in exhibitions for over countries, such as USA, Italy, Germany, Cuba, Canada, among others. He has been selected at the Monterrey FEMSA biennial in Mexico. Besides he has worked in collaboration with the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT), as well as with winemakers from Baja California, in the project “Wine and its surroundings”,

with the Institute of Culture of Baja California (ICBC) and Historians of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC). He helps to Baja California State in the framework of the celebrations of the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Independence and Centennial of the Mexican Revolution.  Also portraying the world of Baja California wine in two large collections: “The wine and its surroundings” and “X-rays of the vineyards S. XXI”.

Fernando Flores


He has published in national and foreign books, newspapers and art magazines, as well as, he has a participation in the Public Education Secretary (SEP) with his book “Estudio en la Entidad donde vivo, B.C, México”, third grade, first edition 2011, and others.

All the time, Fernando Flores is working to improve his artwork.

Vanessa Landero


From a very young age, the architect Vanessa Landero has been characterized by her community service. She has a B.Arch (ITESM CM), a major in management and policies cultural field, (UAM).

She is awareness on the arts and cultural management, so cultural and environmental links.

  • Harmony
  • Transformation
  • Quality
  • Research

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